Walk Through Radacat APP

 Step 1: Go to Radacat APP 


Step 2: You will see the APP page. There are 4 major icon for Radacat APP located at the bottom of the screen. There are

Location, Chat, Address List and Me.

Step 3: Location -- The 1st icon of Location is to show the locations of all paired devices including yourself. You can also select the "View Types" of "Devices", "Contacts", "All". The view types determine the label of each device.

Step 4: Chat -- The 2nd icon of Chat is to list all chats including the history chats information.

Step 5: Contact -- All the contacts are listed

Step 6: Me -- The configuration and setting for APP are all in this page.

The top position is the Account information of you. The picture, ID, Nickname, Email, QR Code are here. Then you can see "My Device", "General", "Geo-Fence", "Offline Maps", "Website", "Send Feedback", "Help Center", "About", "Chage Password" and "Log Out".


      My Device : it shows all paired devices. So if you set the features of any device, you have to go to here. From exmpale, if you query History, set "Share Location", "GPS Tracking Interval" which is the interval that device sends its location to others, you come here to configure.


      General: The configuration of "Sound", "Vibrate", "Map Style", "Region" and "Clear Cathe" is here. It is quite straight-forward for those items.


      Geo-Fence: Radacat provide 3 types of Geo-fence to configure that are all located here. The detail configuration of Geo-Fence can be guided in "How to Set Geo-Fence" manual.


      Off-line Map: Radacat supports the off-line map funciton.

      Web-site: Lead you to

      Send Feedback: Provide you a channel to send feedback of your experience to our service center. Radacat will quickly respond to all feedback. Usually use "Add comments and report".


      Help Center: The Radacat services for all users



      About:  Radacat Info.


      Change Password: Radacat provides the link for changing APP password

      Log Out: Quit the Accout.